Don't you agree? If so come visit us and enjoy your life with our highest quality tea specialties. You can find us at ten different locations by now and this number is still increasing.

Our concept is about the modern art of enjoying tea and deals with all ways to process the tea plant. Experience the stimulating and refreshing effects of low calorie and aromatic teas – either on ice as pure green, oolong or black teas, with fruit or in the colder seasons as a hot treat, for example one of our milk or chai teas. Try our tea cocktails and our seasonal specials like the summer specials Thai Lemon Ice Tea otr he Awesome Strawberry and in the winter season try the Glühtee!

Right now you can find our stores Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg, Dresden, Reutlingen, Cologne, Kiew, Baku, Newmarket and Toronto!

We are thrilled to see you!